Our 2020 Donors

Medical Relief for India is deeply grateful for your support!

Thanks to your on-going support and donations, Dr. K. S. Charak and his medical team continue to serve patients with limited access to health care and financial resources by conducting free surgical and medical camps in remote areas of northern India.

The medical camps are supported by over 100 volunteer doctors and surgeons and over 250 volunteer nurses and support staff as well as medical equipment provided by donors.

For thousands of people who have received treatment in these camps, it has meant living their life with less suffering from the debilitating affects of a disease or progressive medical condition. In many cases, it has also meant being able to live.

Our 2020 Donors

Abhijeet Shukla
Abhitech IT Solutions USA corp.
Amit Dua
Anil Chopra
Anuska Janglie
Arfan Mirza
Ashutosh Saxena
Carol Rollinger
Charlotte Benson
Chirag Patel
Chitra Bose
Danielle Mendiburu
Girish Juneja
Ian Farrow
Ila Sukhadia
Kiran Dubey
Komilla Academy of Vedic Sciences Inc.
Krishna Kakarla
Kul Sethi
Lalita Krishnan
Leslie Keefe
Life Navigation Institute, Inc
MAS Jyotish Astrology Readings
Ms. Judy Jones
Naga N Kavuri
Navada Imports
Phyllis Smith
Priya Kanhai
Raj Malani
Ramya Krishnamurthy
Roy Dunbar
Sadhana Mehta
Sambit Samal
Sandeep Sastry
Santa Masandaviciute
Saori Iseki
Schwatz Family Foundation
Shashank Kapoor
Sheela Pandey
Shiv Bhanot
Simant Ajmera
Simran Anand
Souvik Dutta
Susan Pfau
Theresa Spear
Tiffany Woods
Tracy Atkinson
Upaya llc
Vedic Astrology Services
Vidhan Pandya
Vinod Malhotra
Vinod Sharma
Vrushali Nistane

We thank you and the over 300 individuals and corporations who have contributed to the success of the free medical camps over the years. We are truly grateful for your support! Be sure to visit our website for frequent updates on medical camps as well as progress on the construction of the SOS Hospital & Research Institute .

Susan Pfau and Medical Relief for India.