Medical Relief for India: Help Provide Medical Care to Rural India

Medical Relief for India is a non-profit organization dedicated to programs which provide free medical care to the poor and needy in India.

One such program is the SOS Memorial Trust(SOSMT), a charitable foundation established by Dr. K.S. Charak. Through Dr. K.S. Charak’s leadership, the SOSMT providers free surgical and medical treatment at week-long camps in select rural areas. Bhagdevar, Vindhyachal, and Bani are just a few of the towns where the camps have been held due to the unbridled poverty and severe lack of medical care in these regions.

Please take a few moments of your time to watch an amazing video of Dr. K.S. Charak and his team of volunteers at a medical camp in India. The video was taken by Samvedana, a non-for-profit foundation in Europe.

To support programs such as the SOS Memorial Trust the non-for-profit, Samjivani Foundation has been established here in the United States. Find out how you can help support such causes.

April 2017 Medical Camp in Nourgran

 april 2017

Camp Update from Dr. K S Charak

Dr. K S Charak and medical team completed their second camp in a row at Nourgam, in the Jammu region of India. Despite a shortage of medical support, his team put in extra hours and successfully managed the needs of the local people. 554 patients arrived at the camp and 48 surgeries were performed, a majority of which were gall bladder surgeries.

The next camp will mark the 50th camp for this noble team of surgeons, nurses and administrative suport. It will once again be held at Nourgam.


dr. k s charak_'s mother on right

Dr. K S Charak holds the degree of Master of Surgery from the University of Delhi (India), and Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons from the UK. Dr. Charak is Senior Consultant and Chief of Surgery at the Indian Spinal Injuries Centre Vasant Kunj, New Delhi, India. Dr. K S Charak leads the charitable organization, SOSMT, which is devoted to providing free surgical and medical care to the poor and the ailing in the rural areas of the northern India.

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